Regardless of the side of the country you are living in, you must have confronted or heard about the typical stereotypes based on the place one belongs to. When it comes to Rajasthan, the stereotypes are no less than others. The statements like, the state has no water-individuals actually go to wells to get water-it is about Registan nothing else-Marwaris are misers-all the women in Rajasthan are housewives only, and many many more. But why? It is because we have been hearing these things for such a long time that some way or other, it has now become a stereotype.
Yaru Juneja, a young Rajasthani who got tired of hearing these stereotypes resolved to do whatever he could to present the true picture of Rajasthan and Rajasthanis in front of the world. He started talking to the masses and educating so that they change their perspective. His next step was to reach more people and for that, he floated a platform called “RajasthanBeats”.
Rajasthanbeats is consistently working towards eliminating these stereotypes from society. This advocacy group has been established with the reason to beat the stereotypes of Rajasthan by promoting its originality in addition to other things identified with the state.
Yaru has earned appreciation for his efforts from all corners. As per him, one person can’t change society, it requires collective effort to change the mindset of the public at large. Currently, his mission is to break one stereotype at a time and help Rajasthan regain its lost glory.

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