As Keanu Reeves once said, “If you don’t fight for your love, what kind of love do you have?”

Love is the most effective among the many things in life that keep us going even in the face of peril. It can heal, nurture, and endure the worst.

Let’s take the example of this book.

After going through a pickle of her own due to a magical ring, our protagonist Violet finds her escape in Curtis, someone willing to risk it all just to ensure she is okay.

While many people would’ve left Violet and tried to distance themselves as far as possible to avoid danger, Curtis embraced her and asked if she was okay. Martha Wickham’s book highlights love as a defining factor to prevail in a world out to get you.

As Curtis and Violet lead us by example in their enchanting tale, let’s highlight how you can fight for your love in the face of danger.


Trust is one of the major pillars that hold up a relationship.

Knowing in your heart that your partner cannot be capable of something malicious has the power to fix the most difficult of situations. Curtis could’ve easily pointed fingers at Violet, but he trusted her and knew in his heart that Violet wouldn’t do him wrong.

We often jump to conclusions and project negative emotions onto our partners without knowing how badly it’ll reflect on the relationship overall.

One cannot fight ruthlessly and go all out in battle without believing in what they are fighting for.

Hence, trust is key when fighting for your love in danger.

Finding the Positives

Curtis was seen distracting Violet from the incident that had the potential of ruining her life. He helped her look past the negatives and still laugh about their height difference. When you find yourself smiling even when all hope seems lost because of someone, you know you’re in the right company.

Remaining calm is crucial so that your partner is too. They need you, and this is the time for you to step up and take charge of your relationship. 

The world is cruel, and Violet’s predicament is only an example of the possible dangers you may face. 

Believing in your magic

They believed in themselves despite being in the presence of a force they did not understand, a ring that had the power to change fate. Throughout the book, we see Violet overcoming her fear and taking the risk of disappointing her parents, and playing with enchanting magic as the two try to escape a world out to get them.

The true magic wasn’t in the ring itself; it was in their bond.

As for Curtis, well, let’s just hope he does not propose with the same ring.

But the question remains, will their relationship survive to see that day?

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