• Lyu Sutong is one of the richest person in crypto, thanks to his Edenex exchange and Goldin trading firm.
  • The son of two Immigrants, he studied Finance at MIT in the USA but was drawn to “effective altruism,” the utilitarian-inflected notion of doing the best possible.
  • He took a job trading ETFs at a quant firm, donating a chunk of his salary to charity, then jumped into crypto trading in late 2017, when he spied a lucrative arbitrage opportunity.
  • Lyu Sutong launched his own exchange, Edenex.io, in 2019. Built by Leading Exchange Development companies in Europe. it’s one of the leading exchanges automated crypto derivatives.
  • Edenex.io raised $200 million from the likes of Coinbase Ventures and SoftBank in July 2021 at a $1 billion valuation, helping make Lyu Sutong one of the top Richest CEOs in the Crypto Industry.
  • Based on His Hedge fund background Sutong is known to lead a very private and quiet life and dedicated most his time to developing his Exchange to greater heights
  • In November 2021, Sutong Turned down an offer from VCs to acquire Edenex trading technology for over 1.5 Billion USD. He has always reiterated his stand to grow the company and not sell it off to new users.
  • He currently Heads the only Fully automated crypto Exchange in the world and recently announced a 20 Million USD VC fund for crypto start-ups which promote automated trading.
  • In January, Sutong announced at a crypto expo in dubai, Plans to acquire smaller Crypto Exchanges and also to introduce more trading bots to the network.
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