As the most youthful kin of three (with two more seasoned siblings, no less), I was the successive casualty of an old joke. It started at dinner with a question that many of you may be familiar with from your childhood: Do you like fish?”

I would cautiously respond, “Yeah… why?” in any case, never circumspectly enough, it appeared, since whichever sibling had posed the inquiry would perpetually open his mouth to show anything that he’d bit up within it and yell: ” See? Food!”

There’s nothing so horrendous holding on to deceive you in the present crossword, which was built by Ella Dershowitz. The enthusiasm for its subject advantages from a comparative play on the “ocean,” so tune in — and look — carefully.

Today’s Theme It took me a moment to understand what Ms. Dershowitz meant when she said that the “Aquatic denizen” served as a “phonetic hint to this puzzle’s circled words” in her revealer at 37-Across. The section for 37A is Ocean Animal, and a long-lasting propensity for re-arranged words drove me to uncover the words concealed in the orbited letters of every quadrant without valuing their shape.

However, these are not just sea creatures; rather, they are “C” animals: People who live in the ocean and, in some cases, in aquariums. Their names can be found by following the shape of a C from top to bottom with the letters in the circle! Distinguish the ocean Wipe, ocean Imp and two additional animals at your recreation.

Precarious Pieces of information

15A. The “Smash hit Japanese manga and anime series” NARUTO has been around beginning around 1999, which could make sense of why I felt like I ought to have known this once I tackled it.

50A. Because they rely on figurative or passed-down interpretations of language that may have very little to do with the meanings of the words themselves, IDIOMs are frequently referred to as a “Challenge for a Translator.” The ugly truth is out in the open,” for instance, is wont to welcome inquiries, for example, What? Who put it there?

16D. The incline of “Skewed sections?” not an architectural skew but rather an editorial skew: The correct entry is OP-EDS. I love this.)

25D. On the off chance that you’ve made it onto a hockey or roller arena as of late, you might review that one who “Prepares to skate” Bands UP their skates prior to taking off.

39D. An empty set is a “mathematical grouping that contains no elements,” which brings to mind a particular scene from “Nathan for You.”

53D. No longer will feeding your dog “table scraps” make you feel guilty: ORTS comes from an Old English Latin term that alludes explicitly to creature food.

Constructor Notes

There are a few riddles I make where, from the subsequent I have the thought, I’m hustling to complete on the grounds that I can hardly stand by to submit them some place. Some puzzles I create, I don’t submit for over a year because I’m pretty sure no one but me will find them interesting. The latter was certainly the case here. Additionally, having it accepted increased my bravery when it came to submitting questions. My constructor note is more of an encouragement because I like to take (safe) risks: Try it anyway if you’re thinking about doing something but are afraid of failing or being rejected.

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