In the long jump on Saturday at the European Athletics Championships in Rome, Miltos Tentoglou won yet another gold medal.

Twice he reached a distance of 8.65 metres, setting a new personal record. This effort also set a championship record and was the best in the world for the year.

With three outdoor and three indoor events, this triumph was the Greek champion’s sixth gold medal at the European Championships.

With his first jump, Tentoglou cleared 8.42 metres, the highest jump in the world this year.

Although he jumped from behind the line, his third try yielded a distance of 8.49 metres, while his second attempt was declared illegal.

Before his last flourish, Tentoglou jumped 8.45 metres in his fourth attempt, twice exceeding his previous personal best of 8.60 metres, which he had set in 2021.

The distance was only one centimetre short of Louis Tsatoumas’s 8.66-meter Greek national record, which has stood since 2007.

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