R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique), which most of us already know involve sensory deprivation of individuals, which often begs the question why and how? Although the floatation tank therapy has already been acknowledged to have benefits from a medical perspective by the medical community, the question lingers.

The therapy has been found to be indeed effective towards achieving optimal health. The treatment is said to have various positive implications towards treating ailments ranging from chronic insomnia right up to stress and anxiety which in turn are associated to a host of other medical issues including cancer. Floatation therapy has also been found to be effective against a wide variety of other diseases mental, physical and biological such as depression, hypertension, back bone issues, injury recovery and even immune system optimisation.

The therapy is observed to play a significant role in general healing which in turn supports every other aspect of specific healing. These are not just based on mere observations, but have been based on controlled clinical trials from which data obtained from these trials were triangulated with data from random independent sources.

The data from both sources present a clear and present data pattern which renders float therapy as a significant contributor to better health. This finding increased the amount of ‘grey areas’ that was already in existence pertaining to the therapy as the inability to understand the therapy more deeply due to limitations of technology.

However, existing data that has been understood tells us clearly that the sensory deprivation tank which prevents us from utilising our sensory system optimally frees the brain from having to contend with the excessive amount of information that the sensory system constantly delivers to the brain which preoccupies the brain.

Due to the fact that the brain is freed from processing external stimuli input which is usually never ending, the mind uses the processing power to focus on our biological configurations internally and goes about rectifying imbalances that accumulate over time. Another fact that should not be overlooked is the Epsom salt solution used for the therapy.

Epsom salt contains magnesium which the skin absorbs into the system. The Epsom salt not only promotes good skin health, but it also replenishes the magnesium that is needed by our nervous system. The reason Epsom salt was initially added to the solution that subjects float in is to do just that, float. The salt increases the buoyancy capacity of the water and prevents subjects from sinking.

This idea of this effect was derived from the Dead Sea where people don’t sink due to the high content of salt and the waters of the Dead Sea also contains high level of various salts that have numerous healing properties.

Floatation therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment process that is generally effective for optimising general health. Although the therapy does not propagate that the therapy alone heals, it does however propagate the fact that the treatment ‘preps’ our biological system to be more receptive to treatment and healing processes.

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