Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a well-known actress in Tamil and Telugu films, doesn’t let pain or illness stop her from exercising.

In spite of the discomfort she has had since being diagnosed with myositis, the actress worked out hard and showed off her toned physique on Sunday.

The actress from “Eega” is known for having a bit of a fitness obsession, and she regularly engages in a number of hard activities like stretching, weight lifting, cardio, and rope climbing.

Samantha posted a photo of herself enduring the discomfort on her Instagram Story. The “Shakuntalam” actress was dressed in a cropped pink sports  wear and a pair of stretched pink trousers as she pushed herself to the maximum.

Samantha was holding on to pull-up bars with a number of other gym equipment behind her while wearing no makeup and tying her hair up in a bunch.

Samantha’s exercise has been paying off greatly, as evidenced by her refined musculature, toned physique, and abs. She is holding on with closed eyelids and a lot of effort, but she is also obviously in pain.

The former “Yashodha” star previously disclosed that she has myositis, a condition that results in excruciating pain, the weakening of limbs and muscles, as well as a considerable lot of exhaustion.

Myositis is not difficult, but it is very difficult to manage if left untreated since it produces muscular inflation, which in addition to swelling and pain, results in a considerable degree of fatigue. Samantha is currently receiving treatment for her illness, and doctors have given the all-clear for her eventual full recovery.

The actress most recently appeared in the movies “Khushi” and “Shakutalam” in terms of her professional career. In addition, the actress will next be seen in the 2024 movie “Chennai Diaries” while preparing to co-star with Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan in the Indian version of the spy-thriller program “Citadel.”

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