To reword an exemplary episode of the first HBO series, “New York City is an extraordinary spot to be locked in. If you’re “Sex and the City,” it’s also a great place to film. According to IndieWire, the showrunner of Max’s “SATC” sequel “And Just Like That,” Michael Patrick King, “is an event for everyone whenever you go to Carrie’s apartment, exterior-wise.” They see Carrie Bradshaw standing in front of her apartment. It’s like going on a safari and seeing a lion in the jungle: I actually saw it!'”

On the original show, the city and sex were always on equal footing, with maybe a slight advantage in the first season of “And Just Like That.” However, in Season 2, they are neck and neck, with much more sex and mischief for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and their new friends and lovers. Just one example: Although Miranda and her new partner Che may have donned straps, “And Just Like That” was the first film to be shot in an Apple store, according to King. King said that Apple CEO Tim Cook made the decision.

They work such a huge amount with the show, the contact there sort of aided kick it up the flagpole to get it going,” areas chief Julie Sage told IndieWire. ” That was one of the simplest for me personally.

Since Magnolia had to hire “cupcake bouncers” when the series popularized its offerings, this eagerness to be a part of the “Sex and the City” universe has not diminished. In addition, these ladies who dine really dine in Season 2. Also a party. Also, go to the Met Gala. Also, visit the Javits Center. Although Carrie’s apartment is a well-known set, she is eager to explore the city with the man she once dated.

King stated, “It’s easier for places that would never open up to a film crew for days on days if it’s a brand that has history and a little clout.” We basically took over The Tin Building, a popular restaurant and market in the Seaport district of downtown Manhattan, for our most extravagant filming this year. We were permitted entry by Jean-Georges and Lois Freedman, President and CEO of Jean-Georges Management. A lot of people outside of New York haven’t seen this part of the city.

It is comparable to the “Sex and the City” season that was filmed following the events of 9/11 in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic: We are still here, and we are still fabulous, in this city. The spirit and the way the city comes back to life in “Sex and the City” and the aftermath of 9/11 were fantastic. That is the reality, and the city is still alive today due to the pandemic. It is now very full and alive, and Carrie has returned to life for our story; why wouldn’t she be out?

This means showing as much of the city as possible to the audience. If the characters are in a restaurant, you can bet that they can see Manhattan even in the background through the enormous windows. Sage stated, “We have a lot of restaurants where you can see the entire space.” Restaurants in a lot of New York are like jigsaw puzzles. We require a larger, more open landscape. Because there aren’t enough people to fill them, many beautiful, small, intimate restaurants won’t show up on film. A lot of it is about windows and lighting. They want to display this viewpoint.

At the same time, “And Just Like That” tries to get grounded in the world of Manhattan in 2023 (as much as this show can, of course, without giving up the glitz). The shock of witnessing one of the core four enter the subway last season and be attacked by someone dressed as Chucky was a part of that. However, we also saw a lot more of Carrie’s apartment building than “Sex and the City” ever did, as she meets Lisette, her neighbor down the hall.

King once stated, “When you write something, you always imagine the reality of it.” If I know Carrie lives above someone, you can ask, “What does that apartment look like?” if I’m very fortunate and watch enough episodes. Also, how does that staircase appear? You are not imagining anything, either: The original “Sex and the City” set has had some changes made to Carrie’s apartment. We redesigned it so that she could feel like she was in a jewel box.

However, if the characters in “And Just Like That” are completely in love with the city, it’s because they are. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the original and the premiere of Season 2 on Max, the Empire State Building, Javits Center, One Bryant Park, One World Trade Center, and Pier 17 all went pink for the first time ever. King stated, “The city and “And Just Like That” are very happy about the fact that we’re all still here.” It is extremely significant.

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