Full name “Faton Mustafi” lives in Switzerland, a very talented social media and digital marketing expert who worked hard and succeeded as a social media guru in Switzerland.  Faton Mustafi was born on June 2, 1987, in northern Macedonia. He has worked as a digital media consultant with several well-known companies and helped them improve their business ranking on the front page of Google, and also help them to improve their social profile. According to Faton Mustafi instead of focusing solely on the social media tools available to us, consultants should use them to get a specific result from them. It’s more about the method, not the tools. Knowing how all social media tools work is great. But knowing how to manipulate them to generate a steady stream of targeted traffic to your website is something entirely different. Social media consultants have to be:

Competent / Knowledgeable

You should demonstrate all the pros and cons of all major social media tools including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, bookmarking sites, etc.


The results speak for themselves, so there must be success stories behind the service. Companies with solid marketing experience already have the basics of marketing principles and internet marketing strategies.


Creativity, willingness to explore certain paths that are profitable and have the potential to get a good course avoiding those who don’t.


Analytical, ability to constantly evaluate entry and exit and strategy if necessary Change to Increase This Social media is a wonderful tool that will help you build a reliable online presence and deliver results. You can train your control away to nicely use the numerous social media techniques to continuously force centered site visitors on your internet site and consequently boom your background. The social media market is constantly evolving and you need to know about the Stay up to date with the latest trends so they work for you and your business.

Set competitive however practical desires

Once you’ve got a complete knowledge of your channels and your competitors, the following step is putting desires which can be competitive however achievable. To do that, it’s critical to recognize how your channels are acting and to increase desires primarily based totally on preceding performance. For Faton Mustafi, this indicates that specialize in engagement is their number one intention. “Our essential intention is to be attractive as many human beings as viable every single day,” he explains, Doing so will now no longer handiest enhance your courting together along with your present network, however, may even assist the continuing increase of the brand.

Use analytics correctly

Few matters are as critical for optimizing social campaigns as knowing what’s running and why. “There’s a ton of room for experimentation in social media and that’s honestly key to being successful,” Faton Mustafi says. The quality manner to test correctly is through monitoring each check you run and the usage of metrics from analytics equipment like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to optimize your campaigns as needed.

Learn the basics of graphic design

Although photo layout / graphic design abilities aren’t a “must-have” for a role in social media, having them will in reality assist you to do your activity extra correctly, especially when you consider that pix are getting an increasing number of critical for engagement. This method is the usage of equipment like canva or Buffer to layout pix that may be used throughout all your social channels and growing precise memes and gifs to reveal off your brand’s precise personality. Contact Mr. Faton Mustafi in case you would like to research extra about social media / digital media or in case you would like to work with Mr.Faton Mustafi. FaceBook account link here (https://www.facebook.com/taf0nka).

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