Tips by UK’s leading custom jeweller and designer, Jack Dean, on creating a successful online jewellery business.

He says going digital is the new cool, especially now when the world shops online amidst a pandemic.

The current scenario of the business world is quite weird, where on one end, businesses have to shut shops because of a pandemic; on the other end, these trying times have opened up endless opportunities for people to thrive digitally on a global level. To utilize and optimize these opportunities also is a talent only a few people have been able to hone. However, Jack Dean, one of the leading custom jewellery designers and entrepreneurs of the UK, is of the view that going digital with the business is the new cool and people should now embrace this new normal.

Jack Dean is the brain behind his jewellery brand, ‘Jeweller Jack Ltd’ in the UK, which is thriving and how. All thanks to the persistence and consistency in efforts of this youngster who always levelled up his game by choosing to walk with the changing trends of the industry and catering to athletes and footballers all around the world with his bespoke jewellery creations and designs.

Below, he shares a few tips for creating a successful online jewellery business.

  • Offer the highest quality: Jack Dean says that offering the highest quality jewellery pieces is the golden rule to maintain success for the online business. It earns them trust, recommendations and great review. 
  • Understand the market: The online space is huge and as jewellery brands, people must know whom they want to target digitally. For this, Jack Dean says they must understand the market, the attributes of their ideal customer and market them accordingly.
  • Proper social media presence: Apart from having a website, which is a must as it acts as the face of the company, Jack Dean says jewellery brands must optimize the opportunities on social media to create more buzz around them and create more visibility for them.

The Sheffield youngster has gone above and beyond to cater to athletes and create designs that ooze luxuriousness and comfort both.

To know more about Jack’s work, follow him on Instagram@jackdean_

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