More than half a billion people on social media view stories, make purchases, upload content, and engage with fellow users each day. It is no doubt that brands and celebrities want to put their influence to good use online. New features are added regularly to keep up with the traffic, and tons of content is available at the click of a button. What stands out in such a large crowd is to present ideas in a way that is bold, impactful, and customized, and digital entrepreneur Tom Moyal knows that better than most.

As a founder of three successful online businesses, Moyal is well versed and highly experienced in the field of online influence through digital marketing. Fame Filters is a company he brought to life in collaboration with Marquis Trill as a way to generate high engagement levels on Instagram. The personalization can be with a name, surname, or company logo.
He comments, “Celebrities are trend-setters. So users click on their stories because the personalized filter they use is new and aesthetic. To gain access, they view the profile, click follow, and automatically increase the celebrity’s virtual presence and popularity.”

What started with a simple idea to help brands improve their social media strategy is today a booming business, with celebrities like Ana Montana, Tana Mongeau, Jessica Rich, Alexa Dellanos, Jailyne Ojeda, and many more. The brand has generated over 80 million impressions with personalized filters going viral. “When a personalized filter picture, logo, or text is clicked, the user is taken to the Instagram page. This way, filters ensure that user views and/or follows the profile to gain access to that filter and further skyrocket the brand’s reach”, explains Moyal.

These filters provide more than just a creative expression for the celebrity; they become a trademark to identify, relate to, and entertain the audience. Moyal uncovers how each filter goes through a long process of designing and approval before being released, with client satisfaction as the top priority. Building a reputation, meeting clients for revisions, dealing with unpredictable circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic to shift your team’s working style and endless determination is what has made Fame Filters the brand it is today.

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