Mohammad Subhan is one of the rising stars in India who is killing it on social media with his singing and songwriting talent. At the young age of 20, he is successfully maintaining his stardom and also continuing his college studies.

Mohammad has a huge fan following on social media especially on Instagram. People love to listen to his songs and make them viral as soon as they appear. The Uttar Pradesh based boy sings original songs as well as cover versions. His cover version of Tum Hi Ho (Aashiqui 2) got staggering 5 million views recently and the comment section was flooded with appreciative words.

But has Mohammad Subhan ever got feedback that really melted his heart? Talking about a fan message, he says, “I got a really overwhelming message from a fan once who said that he feels inspired by looking at the way I have carved my own path. Earlier he was finding it difficult to push the boundaries and I am glad that my success has helped him find a way.”

Mohammad Subhan is also a digital entrepreneur who runs a successful digital marketing firm called Fame Media. The firm helps people with services like Website development, Instagram management, Online press releases, Google knowledge graph, designing, IMDB, and Wikipedia creation. Fame Media has got a huge clientele that includes numerous national and international businesses, enterprises, Bollywood actors, celebrities, bloggers and artists.

Mohammad started as a freelancer when he was 16 and now in just 4 years, he has managed to do what people struggle to do even in decades. But he has done a lot of hard work to achieve this and has taken the competition as a challenge.

During an interview, Mohammad Subhan said, “I’m extremely aware of how competitive the digital marketing world is. Thing is, there is no dearth of options. If one firm doesn’t give you what you want, you can easily choose the next one. That is the exact reason why I have always aimed to make Fame Media a digital marketing firm which focuses only and only on prioritizing the customer/client. It is my personal responsibility to make Fame Media stay relevant and I and my team never really stop working on that.”

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