Michael H. Forde, author of the book Success Begins From Where You Are! is a young man dedicated to guiding and encouraging individuals to live their best lives. A native of Brooklyn, New York City, and resident of Washington, D.C., Forde is passionate about his written words to inspire others to take the steps that are needed to change their lives for the better – even if that means taking unexpected risks.

Forde is proof that, as his book states, success begins from where you are. As a high school graduate at 16 years of age, Forde began to realize that the best things in life can happen when you put your all towards the task at hand. Earning his bachelor’s degree at 19 years of age was a testament to this idea, and receiving his master’s degree at 22 years of age was the icing on the cake – until Forde, now 25 years old, recently received news from George Washington University that he was accepted into a doctoral program. Success has no limit.

Throughout his writings, Forde expresses the importance of change. Change can often be something that is viewed as scary and frightening; however, if there is value in growth, there is also value in the steps necessary to grow. “What I’ve learned on my journey is that not everyone has the same story”, said Forde. “Some people feel lost because no one has ever poured hope into them. Some feel trapped because what they once started seems like it cannot be finished. Others may feel defeated because they’ve tried so many different paths, but for some reason, they all led to dead ends. Well, I don’t want their success stories to end before they’ve even started.”

As an author, Forde has seen great success in both his offline and online reach. Forde, who was voted as one of social media’s fastest growing positivity influencers, has had his work published in many different news outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates, just to name a few.

One of Michael H. Forde’s main themes throughout his written works is the theme of hope. “There is hope that exists for individuals who feel hopeless. There is a path for those who feel as if there is no way out. There is a light for those who feel as if they are trapped in a dark tunnel”, Forde said. 

“My advice for the hopeless, for the trapped, for those who feel as if there is nothing that goes their way, is to keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t let a bad storm prevent you from seeing the rainbow. Don’t let obstacles and barriers prevent you from winning the race. In life, we may go through situations that can leave us feeling not only hopeless, but helpless as well. But the beauty in all of this is that through belief, perseverance, and the relentless nature of self, we can prevail. It’s not easy – the journey never is. However, remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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