Belarus originally gave birth to Hip-Hop DJ & Music Producer DJ Cassie, also known as ‘Hanna Ipatava’ before emerging on the scene in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where she started making a name for herself!

Early in her career, she would start DJ-into for his friends and family events to gain confidence & get comfortable with being the life of the party.

Understanding the demand for this, DJ Cassie started presenting in many events as well. Not knowing she would utilize her own services someday, she tirelessly built a system that is now implementing for her own success.

Now she hopes to capitalize on the momentum she gained with her albums and rise through the music business ranks.

With getting immense recognition in her career so far, DJ Cassie has her eyes on achieving something bigger. Her goal is to expand her audio all over the world and become a platinum producer. Committed to achieving this goal, DJ Cassie says “music is her lifelong experience” as there goes a lot to understand different sub-genres of music.

While most artists struggle with answers on how to get going, DJ Cassie is a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry. With these attributes, she will have no problem getting her name out to the masses.  

Follow her on IG @djanecassie or visit her website to know more.

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