Dr. Michael Tran: Top Dentist in Houston & Founder of FLOSS Dental

Dr. Michael Tran: Top Dentist in Houston & Founder of FLOSS Dental

Dr. Michael Tran was born on 6 July 1981 in a refugee camp in Chonburi, Thailand. Hard work comes in many forms and perseverance is the difference between those who constantly grow and those who reach the roof and their growth comes to a standstill. Dr. Michael Tran grew up in Sugar Land, TX during his struggling life and attended Texas Tech University, where he earned a dual bachelor’s degree in business management and Spanish.

Dr. Michael Tran also received an MBA degree from Texas before completing his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Howard University in Washington, DC. Returning home, he completed an advanced education in the General Dentistry Residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. Dr. Michael Tran was accepted into the Howard College of Dentistry and this was when he first loved his relationship with the profession. Seeing that realization soon brought him to the next level, General Dentistry advanced to Houston Advanced Education at AEGD, where he became president. Michael is a living example that persistence can fall under the leadership of anyone, wherever they go.

Dr. Michael Tran has focused on creating and delivering a new experience in dentistry and is fully prepared to do so. Michael Tran’s passion for hard work and success has made him a member of many dental organizations today, including the American Dental Association, General Dentistry Academy, Texas Dental Association and Houston Dental Society. With a true commitment to advanced education, he actively participates in study clubs and by continuing education courses to ensure that he is also well informed of the FLOSS mission.

While studying in school in Houston, Dr. Michael Tran was awarded the ‘Smartest Resident’ Award for critical thinking. But despite receiving the award and being promoted to leadership positions, he did not fully feel it and wanted to make sure that he remained focused on more and more ambitions in his career, especially early in his career so that his interests Be thorough and diverse. Michael knows that bright minds need it and is always feeding his inherent, unquenchable desire to know and do more. He began to learn and understand live surgery so well that he now teaches live surgery transplant courses in his offices and is working on ways to reach and introduce that knowledge to a wider audience. Dr. with experienced doctors Michael Tran’s conversation has equipped him with great knowledge.

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