What is it that the multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and industrialists that we read about in magazines and newspapers do differently than the rest who are left behind? Is it their product or service offering? Their networking skills? Or just sheer luck? In the view of the owner of a multi-million-dollar business, Jan Jens, it is the strategy that helps one maintain and build a star-studded clientele. The 29-year-old businessman, most-popularly known for his luxury rental business – The Jatina Group – lets us into his entrepreneurial secrets and gives a glimpse of how he has mastered the art of transforming clients into reliable business partners.

For the Miami-based entrepreneur, everyone approaching The Jatina Group for seeking rental spaces is considered nothing less than a VIP. Jens shares, to him, everybody is important and whether or not they are A-listers, they have more or less similar requirements and are treated the same. The rising demand for luxury rentals prompted Jens to establish this business that follows a simple ethic – to bring clients to the forefront and to deliver unforgettable experiences in his rentals that align with the extravaganza of the Miami market. Over the years, The Jatina Group’s celebrity guests and high-profile personalities have defined its culture, which happened organically, as per Jens.

In fact, Jens’ emphasis on handling a significant portion of his clientele himself has been the key to having a strong portfolio. Today, the young magnate is looked upon as one of the fastest-growing solopreneurs in not just the industry of the rental market but overall, too. In Jens’ opinion, the multi-million-dollar business he has created today once commenced with a single employee and now boasts of a huge team, several of whom have stayed with him right from the start till now, through all these years. The same goes with his clients, says Jens, that he carefully attained through word of mouth before the concept of search engine optimization and website development came into being, which strengthened his business even more, so much so that he has witnessed tenfold growth.

He has adopted a mantra: “Focus on giving experiences, personalization, and value – clients’ loyalty will follow! As fancy as it may sound to have the opportunity to service star-studded clients, the pressure to meet their needs is immense. But once they are happy and satisfied, their recommendations are what help us source new clients.”

Jens has continued intensifying his entrepreneurial footprint by following the secret sauce, “I’m not into the transactional business – I’m in the relationship business!”

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