The demand for high-quality cleaning services has always been surging, but it has gained even more importance when pandemic has struck the world. We, 1a- Gebäudereinigung, offer quality cleaning services in Germany and now we have opened our outlet in Dortmund.

All of us are much concerned about cleanliness, and especially in the times of coronavirus, we are all more cautioned about it. Although following the SOPs can help, but we all want our houses to be clean and disinfected for the sake of peace of mind. 1a- Gebäudereinigung can help you in this regard and disinfect your house, property, apartment within no time.

The company feels proud that it is offering the services that help the people feel free and devoid of all the possibilities of getting an infection. We offer our services in the residential as well as commercial properties. 1a- Gebäudereinigung has recently launched its services in Dortmund, and now we have outlets all over Germany, obviously to provide the best hygiene services.

The company spokesperson claimed that we find it extremely pleasant to help the people in deep cleaning, and it adds to the joy of the customers that we are just one call away to help them out. The team’s determination at 1a- Gebäudereinigung is miraculous, as they are of the view that delivering extremely fine services makes them happy. It is why we have expanded our horizons of services to Dortmund too.

The company is not only limited to the disinfection services for coronavirus, but it is also specialized in house cleaning in general, apartment cleaning, façade cleaning services, caretaking, and window cleaning,

For that matter, 1a- Gebäudereinigung is receiving positive responses from all over the country.

A customer from Dortmund named Manuel G. reviewed that one of his family members visited him, and he was tested coronavirus positive afterward. He called upon the services of 1a- Gebäudereinigung and was extremely satisfied with the cleaning services. 

To have more information, visit us at the following address.

1a-Gebäudereinigung Dortmund
Schweizer Allee 128
44287 Dortmund
0800 0009508
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