To stay relevant in the world of the internet, it is essential for businesses to keep up with the progression of social media and the way people use it. Digital marketers have time and again hinted at how social media platforms need to be utilized, owing to its strengths, reach, and features. And if there’s one platform that continues to have ‘the’ moment in 2021, it is Instagram. In fact, a majority of users say they stumbled upon new products and services not through e-commerce sites or offline stores but instead Instagram. One such entrepreneur cum investor who’s leveraging Instagram to create brand awareness for Proterra Cosmetics is Uğur Aslan.

As the founder of a brand that caters to customers from across 18 countries, Aslan strongly believes they’ve managed to attain so much popularity and recognition globally only because of the power of online marketing, particularly social media. Having witnessed the highs and lows of entrepreneurship first-hand since commencement in 2005, Aslan shares the key to growing amidst tight competition in the market is to engage with audiences on a regular basis, once the right platform to find potential customers is figured. From his personal experience, he says, limiting our efforts to one or two sources helped us introduce and grow Proterra as a brand as well as manage inquiries.

At present, Aslan shares, Proterra is on the line of progress with firm steps that move towards the right direction day after day. The benefits, he noticed, of running a business account, included direct access to features like Instagram insights, Instagram Ads, and aptly displayed contact information – something that personal accounts don’t offer. Though fairly new to the world of social media, Aslan says, “Nothing is impossible if you’re willing to learn, adapt, and evolve. When I’m asked to talk about my traits, I like defining myself as someone who’s a lifelong learner.”

Speaking on how he managed to expand Proterra world-over merely through Instagram, the CEO of the cosmetic brand added, “During my journey of exploring and understanding Instagram, I soon realized connecting with and learning from influencers and maintaining relationships with customers is extremely vital. Besides, there’s no harm in investing in advertising and promoted posts. Along the way, keep measuring your progress.”

Proterra Cosmetics’ success ladder is a testament to the fact that brands must consider Instagram to be very “critical” and in case that’s not happened yet, it must top the list of marketing moves to be taken in 2021!

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