Cemo Basen, the infamous Instagram star recently has been the talk of the town with him rising to the top of his stardom. He has become the topic of discussion of several different celebrities. He has gone imminently viral since he has walked the ramp. In latest interviews he even spoke about the pressure that comes with being a famous celebrity.

This time however, he has been hitting the headlines for a completely different reason- a dating rumor. A speculation that the Instagram star is dating a Ukranian model, Yana (tagged on his Instagram as @yana_usa_model). In a reel he posted a few days ago, he’s seen having a good time with the model.

This was the reel that has been the reason for this rumor going around. It is important to note that fans have been hinting at it since a while now. A while ago, Cemo had posted a reel in which he was dancing with her, overall the reel had a fun, friendly vibe, but that did not stop audiences from noticing little details. Cemo’s followers immediately noticed the chemistry between the two, albeit a friendly one.

The dating rumor, is just a mere rumor. When asked about it, Cemo denied all the allegations and simply stated that while he did have a crush on her, it was simply a straightforward friendship between the two, even going as far as stating that she is his best friend.

Yana is a really beautiful model, she has done shows in the New York Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week and others. Just like Cemo, she is known to be utterly charming and has a face that is quite similar to Kendall Jenner’s.

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