Citatrade Mining is the worlds first Cryptocurrency company with a selfish mining Approach

In this post, I’ll review the company and its services, and find out if it’s actually worth investing with it.

Citatrade Mining allows users to participate in cryptocurrency mining without the hassle of buying mining equipment and maintaining it. However, when you do the math, it turns out that investing with Citatrade Mining will make you more money in the long run.

If you want a more detailed review of the company and profit calculations keep on reading.

Citatrade mining was founded in 2017, making it one of the oldest Bitcoin companies around. It’s definitely one of the most well-known companies when it comes to Using the Selfish Mining method for cryptocurrencies. Selfish crypto mining is more profitable than normal crypto mining, because the farm mines its own blocks without sharing it with other miners outside their group.

 The company’s mining farms are located in remote, cool locations such as Iceland and Kazakstan.

How to make money from Citatrade Mining?

Start by visiting their website

Create an account

Make a bitcoin deposit

You can earn by purchasing mining contracts using bitcoin in the Citex Mining pool, you can make a bitcoin deposit from your wallet provider, and buy a contract, and get daily payments to your wallet. Withdrawals are fast and don’t take more than 24 hours, they go to your local bank account or bitcoin address

Citatrade is very regulated and most miners above 10000USD are required to verify their accounts with some form of ID.

Citex Mining Starts at different prices, you can refer to their website for more information.

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