Latest Minecraft Patch Introduces Honey Block To The Game

Latest Minecraft Patch Introduces Honey Block To The Game

The developers of Minecraftare constantly using creative ways to gain the interest of the game players. They recently organized an event in which they revealed important and thrilling information about the game.

Players of Minecon can now be delighted to have access to the latest updates of the game. This free to play mobile game has come up with modern technological advancement. The developers of the game have recently revealed that they are releasing a patch that possesses the honey blocks. There are countless features that are available for free. There is a range of accessories which is available for purchase.

Players will be able to play with the new blocks. Yes, there are watermelon blocks as well but the honey blocks are going to be even tastier. They steal the show in Minecraft. In the latest patch, players can build a house with the honey blocks. It is not recommended to jump on the blocks because they will affect your size. You can jump over the blocks

Gamers are taking the changes in the new patch quite positively. There are users who want to see more colors in the game. They want the blocks with different colors in the game. There are a few users who have an issue with the flying creatures. They believe that these creatures distract them from building houses. They prefer flying creatures to help them construct houses, buildings, and gardens. They need to have a better purpose than simply flying all over in the air.

Things you need to know:

  • Bees are the first flying mobs that are introduced to Minecraft. Other flying creatures include spiders, cave spiders, silverfish and endermites.
  • Bees can only attack once in a mob
  • If a bee attacks and the player uses the shield to block it, the bee will technically continue attacking you but it will only hit you once.
  • Bees eat the honey blocks, you have to keep the blocks safe

Fans of Minecraft are expecting more changes in the game. They also want to have a cave in the next update. Developers are also planning to introduce a new destination in the next update. This destination is going to be more challenging than the previous ones. It is not going to be a pleasant place to visit if you are not prepared. You have to deal with difficult enemies.

Game players will have to cross different paths before reaching the new tourist destination. They’ll be different cultures and wildlife on their way. Players also are going to have the ability to access different shapes and sizes of portals.

The game also includes a custom character creator. This is a feature that allows users to make their own characters. This is an exciting feature that allows players to choose from 100 different features of hair, skin texture, facial hair, eyes, and mouths.

You can enjoy playing the new patch before the developers of the game come up with another interesting patch.

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