Niti Taylor, Pooja Banerjee, Randeep R Rai, and Leenesh Mattoo are well-known television actors who have impressed the audience with their portrayals of Prachi, Pihu, Raghav, and Angad in Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2. This story is rich with relatable issues like class divide and a struggle for acceptance.

Now that the plot has advanced three years, Raghav will be recognised as a successful architect who has only had Pihu and Angad as his supporters. His character will undoubtedly go through significant changes that promise to give the story a fascinating new turn.

Viewers have seen Raghav’s one-sided love for Prachi up to this point, but he is unable to declare it because he feels she is too good for him and because of his allegiance to LK (Hitesh Tejwani). Josh has also caused a misunderstanding between Raghav and the Kapoor family, which has gotten him into problems and led to LK requesting him to leave the Kapoor Mansion.

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