Gumraah movie review: With its predictable twists and revelations, this police procedural that centres on two identical twins investigating a murder falls flat.

Identical faces among two suspects in a same murder. Gumraah (2023), a thriller that ultimately takes extremely predictable turns, presents a puzzle for the police to solve. With the savage killing of a guy, the movie gets off to a terrifying start. Aditya Roy Kapur, in his debut dual role, plays the criminal. In the end, it results in the arrest of two individuals for the same crime, leaving both the audience and the police struggling to determine who might have been the murderer.

Gumraah won’t bore you, but it won’t keep you anticipating what will happen next either. A common theme in recent criminal vs law enforcement thrillers is that the police, despite their advanced technology and massive manpower, are always one step behind the criminal, who has typically planned at least ten to twenty steps ahead. If the entire plot must be conveyed to the audience in a “here’s what happened” flashback, it doesn’t persuade audiences nearly as well.

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