Mrs. Behzadi is producing modern clothes with a new style of sustainable fashion, which has caused entrepreneurship and attracted fans of this style.

There are a number of techniques, strategies, alternative processes and approaches Aylar Behzadi uses to design products that have a low environmental impact and positive social purpose. Firstly, she follows the zero waste pattern cutting that eliminates textile waste at the design stage. Secondly, she uses minimal seam construction which reduces the number of seams required to sew together a garment. It makes manufacturing much quicker and can save on materials. It can also allow the garment to have greater freedom of movement and increase comfort for the wearer. Thirdly, she is an Upcycler. Upcycling is an approach to design where she transforms by-products, waste or disused materials or products into something new of better quality and greater value. By reusing materials that already exist, she saves energy, water, chemicals and other resources required to make new virgin materials. Last not the least, she designs for disassembly. With this strategy, she designs her products in a way which means they can easily be taken apart at the end of the product’s life so that the components can be repaired, reused or recycled. This strategy means the product will need to be easy to assemble as well and could likely require fewer materials – which means it could help save costs and her product’s environmental footprint. It is a smart design. And when you make smart products, people tend to notice and talk about it!

In her last interview, Aylar Behzadi had a message for his colleagues

She said :

In my opinion, apart from us clothing designers who can help our environment, clothing customers should also do their duty and buy less from fast fashions or go to brands that have observed sustainable fashion and this is a duty.  that all the people of the world should observe, not because the clothes are unique , but because of our environment and know that this is an important task so that we can make the world more beautiful little by little

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