Afghanistan is one of the countries that has been dealing with war and insecurity for many years, and the music of this country has not been given importance in the past year.

The music industry of Afghanistan is usually traditional and traditional instruments are used to make music in Afghanistan, but now with the emergence of several artists in this country, their music is progressing .

Jalil Amiri is one of the most successful artists and entrepreneurs in Afghanistan’s music industry, who is also an entrepreneur besides singing .

Jalil Amiri was born on (August 7, 2000) With the use of modern music, along with other young artists of this country, he is making a big change in the music industry of Afghanistan .

In the following, we have asked Jalil some questions that we will share with you …

What made you think of creating a new style in your country’s music ?

My country has been in sorrow and war for many years and has lagged behind in many issues that are important to the youth of my country. I am also trying to make the youth of my country happy by using the European style. Of course, the traditional music of my country is very valuable But the young generation that exists now must be in tune with the world .

Do you do anything else besides music ?

Yes, I am the owner of Amiri Group and I am also active in the construction industry, but my whole effort is to be useful for my country and transform the music industry of my country .

I and all my colleagues, in our own style, will definitely bring the music industry of our country to the point where we can compete with the world in the coming years .

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