Sam Altman praises Indian mastermind Prafulla Dhariwal for the successful introduction of ChatGPT 4o, the company’s most recent flagship artificial intelligence model. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has given Indian prodigy Prafulla Dhariwal credit for the company’s most recent flagship AI model, GPT-4o, a successful launch.

OpenAI’s Sam Altman made it known in the public that the Omni team is the source of ChatGPT 4o. “ChatGPT 4o would not have been possible without Dhariwal,” tweeted San Altman. In addition, he mentioned by name Prafulla Dhariwal, an Indian computer wiz, noting that it was he who brought ChatGPT’s latest edition to life.

Prafulla Dhariwal who is he?

Pune is where Prafulla Dhariwal was born. His accomplishments in academia and science have long been acknowledged. He has received the Government of India’s National Talent Search Scholarship before in 2009. He also won a gold medal at the China-hosted International Astronomy Olympiad that same year.

He also took home gold in the 2012 International Mathematical Olympiad and the 2013 International Physics Olympiad. Among his greatest series of work at OpenAI are ChatGPT 4o and the DALL-E 2 picture generating tool.

It is thought that Dhariwal’s membership in the Omni team played a significant role in pushing ChatGPT to the next level, which we were all able to see last Monday.

Prafulla and Altman talk!

“Without Prafulla Dhariwal’s long-term vision, talent, conviction, and determination, GPT-4o would never have been possible. That contributed to what I believe will be a revolution in computer use, along with the work of many others,” Altman noted in the post on X.

Captivated with the post, OpenAI’s first natively completely multimodal model, “GPT-4o (o for “omni”)” is the first model to emerge from the omni team. Although the entire organization put a lot of work into this launch, I want to personally thank a handful of my amazing team members for helping to make this amazing model a reality. Prafulla responded in another X post.

The strategy in advance!

Over time, tech professionals with Indian origin appear to have solidified their position in the sector.

It’s believed that internet giants like Google and OpenAI will pursue their individual AI goals in an attempt to overtake the competition. But Google seems to be moving slowly but steadily.

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