Commercial centers today play an important role in attracting tourists to cities and can be one of the effective factors in the prosperity of tourism along with other features of each City such as the historical context of places of pilgrimage and natural attractions. As museums reflect the historical and cultural background of cities and countries around the world, commerual centers respent the financial strength of the current engineering design and well-being of Communities and at they are a kind of showcase of Contemporary situation of the city and the Country where they are located. It is gratifying of that now in Iran we are witnessing the construction and launch of a large complex in the Iranian market a complex that with its unique design and execution represents the high a technical and engineering knowledge of Iranian engineers and * so that foreign tourists can visit this complex.

They realize the progress and current power of Iran in the field of architecture, architecture and urban planning from another dimension this collection is not unaware of dealing within cultural issues Also, by Constructing spaces such as libraries, it has taken an effective step in increasing the culture of books and readers.

Extraordinarily magnificent decorations and the use of luxury and quality furniture express Iran and Iranian respect for books which it is the wind of the glorious and rich past of Iron. Also by Constructing Cinemas in- compliance with high international Standards, they have taken another step in promoting cultural spaces and honoring spectators and bringing culture and economy closer. reconstruction and revival of magnificent architecture of the Safarid era in the part of this large complex takes vistors to the glorious era of Iranian and Islamic architecture and it is a kind of tribute to the history of Iranian architecture so that visitors while watching the magnificent and modern architecture of contemporary Iran o do not forget that Iranian architecture is roosted.
It has a strong historical and mystical power to this power and greatness.

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