The virtual data room (VDR) is a secure online archive. It is commonly used during the pre-merger process before being compiled or acquired for review, sharing, and disclosure of company documents. To understand how a Virtual Data Room like docurex is crucial for managing your company, please read the important information below.

Understanding virtual data rooms

Virtual data rooms are gradually replacing virtual data rooms that used to disclose and share documents. With global business exchanges and growing processing to reduce costs, virtual data rooms are more attractive than portable data rooms. Virtual data rooms like docurex are widely accessible, readily available, and highly secure.

As security concerns grow and cases of violations increase, VDR providers are developing more complex and reliable information. Initial public offerings (IPOs), evaluation activities, partnerships or other businesses that need to work collaboratively and share information will use virtual data rooms.

Why Use a Virtual Data Room?

Virtual data rooms like docurex give businesses an easy way to organize, store, and share sensitive documents, and are much more affordable than portable data rooms. With virtual data chambers, M&A transactions can be done very efficiently and effectively from almost anywhere.

With financial services, virtual data room software has become a common practice, replacing the ubiquitous data room. Portable data chambers had their limitations and were time consuming and uncomfortable for stakeholders. With the advancement of online security (especially important in virtual data rooms), portable data rooms became obsolete, and were eventually replaced by virtual trading rooms, where companies were able to share active information securely, no matter where they were rediscovered.

The Most Common Use of VDRs

Visual data chambers are often used extensively to help perform financial tasks, including consolidation and acquisition, fundraising, and IPOs, but there are many other reasons businesses use VDRs to manage sensitive documents. To know most widely used VDR methods, please read below 


Proper M&A enthusiasm is the most common form of VDR use. Consolidating or acquiring other businesses involves a lot of research, especially the provision and review of volumes and volumes of literature. For companies that are just happy to offer a purchase, it may be difficult to provide sensitive data that will be requested. Thus, companies that are heavily involved in M&A can still participate in negotiations and allow secure viewing of important, confidential data by relying on purpose-built VDR. Also, in the event that the agreement is not terminated, access to the data room may simply be revoked.


For both start-ups and businesses, getting involved in various fundraising rounds is one of the keys to growing a business. And, as most entrepreneurs know, convincing investors to support a business is not an easy task. In general, fundraising authorizes a large amount of data and document sharing, especially during a thorough investigation. During these fundraising stages, using the VDR can help facilitate the exchange of sensitive information, and leadership teams on both sides of the agreement should feel comfortable considering that using the VDR will allow for better control and management.


IPOs can be very difficult tasks, as the decision to go public means that companies will be complying with additional rules and regulations, usually at the local, regional, and organizational levels. Additionally, this change requires more exposure to the public and potential shareholders. In order to go through all the necessary steps to present and survive the IPO, careful document storage and management will be key, which can be easily achieved using VDR.

Formal Partnership

Even if companies do not legally incorporate or acquire another business, it often makes sense to work with other firms to provide something good or service or to get involved in a completely new business. Like most partnerships, these types of programs will undoubtedly require a large amount of data sharing. This is also a situation where the use of VDR will be very useful, and will calm the minds of the leaders involved in this relationship, as they can be sure that all important information would be protected.

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