This man is helping the retail market grow & Sell their products online for FREE!.

You may know Harsh Sevani as the Founder and CEO of Letsbiz but this man is more than that. So today let’s know the story of the man behind Letsbiz and how it all started.

Harsh is from a family business background and has always been keen about solving major community problems faced day to day in our lives and making an earning out of it.

Harsh started at a young age of 14 back in 2013, his first venture was selling watches online on his own website. After that he started a blog writing agency where he hired a bunch of people and was working with major international clients.

From 2013 to 2017 before he founded his very first start-up Maffat, he did multiple jobs ranging from call centre to delivery service to broker to salesperson and many more.

Just like most of the entrepreneurs Harsh “Scratched his own itch”, being a student he realised that students need a TON of photocopies & printouts and they cost a lot. So he made an app “Maffat” that gave free photocopies and printouts up to 15 pages per day to an individual. Their main source of income was the Advertisement printed behind the pages.

Then in 2018 Battle Royale mobile games like PUBG, free fire, etc started gaining popularity. Harsh noticed that his friends and majority of the youth were wasting 5-6 hours daily in playing these games. Harsh himself not being an addict to these games noticed that this is a waste of time and energy, so he came up with a plan that would bring out something good out of this.

This is when Harsh founded “King Tournaments” an E-sports tournament platform where people can participate in online gaming tournaments and can earn money from their gaming skills. King Tournaments crossed a million downloads within a month and became Harsh’s biggest step towards success and recognition.

And now we finally come to Harsh’s biggest venture Letsbiz. All of this started in 2019 when Harsh was with his father in their office and saw that his father was facing challenges in finding a supplier for their family business. They tried all the existing online platforms but none was perfect which gave all the necessary details and verification. That is when Harsh noticed this huge gap in the online platforms and the retail market.

Another thing that bothered Harsh was the huge commission fee charged by big e-commerce websites from the retailers and the retailers were forced to pay the commission fee because the world is moving online and they need to cope up with it to survive. And then in March 2020 the COVID-19 hits the us and the entire world gets locked in their houses. At this time the offline retail market was literally dead and this made the situation worse as retailers had no other option than to move online.

So to solve this information-contact gap of the market and to help the local sellers Harsh launched Letsbiz, a Business Social Networking app on which businesses can make their personal profile where they can showcase their products with Photos, price and description. They can also give offers and discounts, businesses can connect & follow each other and can get every information like phone no, email address, shop/office address or can chat on the inbuilt messenger.

Currently founder Harsh has a team of 170 people and are fully functional across the Ahmedabad city and are looking towards expanding in other big cities like Surat, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. 

Mr.Sevani has an appeal for all his fellow Indians that he wants to communicate through us, “Team Letsbiz’s sole motive is to help the retail market and local sellers grow. The application is completely free to use for both Sellers and Customers, the only thing we ask is YOUR SUPPORT. Aao sath milkar banaye iss desh ko Aatmnirbhar.”

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