She has now completely removed ANTONIO from her shoulder and replaced it with the names of her children.

The names are meeting each other in an unpredictable plan – – they’re Dakota, Stella, Alexander and Jesse. One of those, Stella, is a youngster she imparts to Antonio … Alex and Dakota are children of hers from different connections – – and Jesse’s her stepchild.

After they split up in 2014, Melanie began the process of getting rid of her Antonio tattoo a few years ago, and for a while, her arm was completely tattoo-free.

It appears to be among then and presently, however, she’s had motivation to get tatted again.

Moreover, this one is much less obvious and conceals itself much better. However, something lets us know she will not be disposing of it at any point in the near future – – these are names that are around for the long stretch.

(Again) Mama bear has been shot!