Since its 2017 launch, Samsung’s The Frame TV has grown to be a crucial component of the company’s home entertainment range. Although the business has made a few upgrades to it over the years, Samsung unveiled a new audio accessory to go along with the TV at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, which also serves as a gallery for images and art. The device is dubbed Music Frame (HW-LS60D) by the manufacturer; it is a wireless speaker that, like its TV comparable, can also be used as a piece of decor. It is worth noting that this device lacks a screen and instead stores printed photos or artwork that you will have to physically replace. Still, the concept is the same: a home theater device that looks like a picture frame.

Two tweeters, two mid-range drivers, and two woofers are housed inside. The speaker array uses Samsung’s SpaceFit technology to adjust the sound to the room and supports Dolby Atmos audio. According to the manufacturer, the Music Frame can produce high-quality sound no matter where you sit around it because of its “wide radial sound range”. The company claims that this arrangement helps produce the speaker’s clear, natural sound. The two woofers are rear firing while the other four drivers are front firing. Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology, which enhances overall sound quality by utilizing TV speakers in conjunction with other home theater audio equipment, is compatible with Music Frame.

The Music Frame may be paired with a Samsung TV or soundbar to create a home theater system, or it can be used as a stand-alone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker. Moreover, you can use the Music Frame as a subwoofer or as back speakers by mounting two of them on either side of a Frame TV to create a stereo pair. If you would prefer to place the device on a table, it has an integrated stand and is ready to be wall mounted. Moreover, Samsung equipped the Music Frame with a complete Internet of Things hub and voice-activated speaker so you could use your preferred virtual assistant to manage music and other functions.

It was at Samsung’s first peek presentation at CES that I actually got to hear the Music Frame. I was astounded by how loud and distinct the speaker’s overall sound quality is. The bass is more quiet, but the highs and mids are well-represented with lots of detail. I’ll wait for a thorough assessment before making a definitive judgment on the low-end tone because that might be the result of a noisy demo place. Additionally, the firm didn’t have a home theater setup with a Frame TV to demonstrate the Dolby Atmos capabilities, so I just heard a few songs played on the unit.

There is currently no information available regarding the Music Frame’s price or availability, however Samsung often announces its new products at CES. These important details usually surface closer to the time of the devices’ delivery, which is typically following their January presentation.

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